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Master thesis presentation (2020/2/14)

Master thesis presentation was held.
Students presented their research results for two years.

Welcome party and Farewell party

We had a welcome party for Sebastian, Funamoto and farewell party for Michael, Kaneda.

IEEJ Excellent Presentation Award (2019/9/5)

Hiroki Nakamura was awarded with IEEJ Excellent Presentation Award.

Wrap-up party and Welcome party (2019/8/6)

We had a Wrap-up party for B4, and a welcome party for Li.

MIRU2019 (2018/7/29 – 2018/8/1)

MIRU2019 was held in Osaka.
Santo, Takemura, Sakashita and Nakamura made presentations.

Welcome and Encouragement party and Farewell party (2019/6/13)

We had a welcome and encouragement party for B3 and B4, and a farewell party for Daniel.

Dr. Zhengyou Zhang’s visit (9th, April, 2019)

Dr. Zhengyou Zhang and his colleagues visited us.

Cherry blossoms viewing (April 5th 2019)

We held a Cherry blossoms viewing party.

(日本語)情報科学研究科卒業祝賀・謝恩会 (2019/03/25)

Graduate School of Information Science Technology – Graduation Celebration & Thank-you party was held to celebrate the graduation of 1 doctoral student, 5 MSc’s, and 1 Bachelors students., as well as the graduation and proceeding to Graduate School of 5 Bachelors students.

Osaka University Engineering Award (2019/3/19)

Takemura was awarded with Osaka University Engineering Award.

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