Matsushita Lab.

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Join us at Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL) at Osaka University!

We are always looking for self-motivated students who are interested in computer vision.
If you are interested in doing top-notch research that opens new frontiers in computer vision and related fields, please contact us anytime via
cvl-recruitment (at)

Our lab currently does not take “non-course students (研究生).” Please consider applying to the master’s or Ph.D. course.

Research topics

We actively study a wide range of topics in computer vision, including the followings. (For the list of publications, please refer to our Publications page.)

Our staffs and lab members fully support your academic life.

We’re actively recruiting Ph.D. students!

Financial Support

We hire Ph.D. students as research assistants (RA) and provide financial support.


How to join us

Undergraduate Program

We are with the Information Systems Engineering Course of the Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, School of Engineering, Osaka University. If you are a student in the course, there is an option to join us at the third or fourth grade of the undergrad study.

Graduate Program

Our lab is with Department of Multimedia Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University. For the master’s course, we take students who pass the general entrance exam that takes place in August. Please consult our school’s website for the further information about the exam.

For the Ph.D. course, please contact us at cvl-recruitment (at)

Matsushita Lab.